ScriptaVM: Write Smart Contracts in JavaScript

Writing smart contracts has never been easier!
ScriptaVM aims to make blockchain app development easy, powerful and remarkably intuitive!

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Hardened JavaScript Smart Contracts

Write and deploy smart contracts using JavaScript, the world's most popular programming language.
Safe execution of JavaScript in a sandbox
Deterministic outcome of execution
Stricter and safer semantics of JavaScript
Immutable prototypes of built-in objects
No access to disk, I/O, network, threads
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Massive Parallel Processing Power

ScriptaVM can run up to a million independent smart contracts in parallel, maximizing efficiency and scalability with lightweight threads.
Can execute many smart contracts in parallel
Each smart contract runs isolated from others
Ops within the same smart contract run sequentially
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Enhanced Security

Designed to avoid the common vulnerabilities of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), providing a safer environment for your smart contracts.
No arithmetic overflows and underflows
No external calls to other smart contracts
(no re-entrancy or DELEGATECALL attacks)
Customizable, external sources of entropy
No unexpected currency transfers
(e.g. unexpected Ether attacks)
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Flexible Integration

ScriptaVM is focused on the execution layer of blockchain infrastructure, which gives developers a lot of freedom when it comes to integration:
Can be integrated in L1 blockchains
Can be integrated in L2 roll-ups and appchains
Can be integrated in monolith and modular blockchains
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